A magic yacht sailing experience

Service  (so you can relax & enjoy yourself)


Your holiday will start as soon as you arrive in Greece. We take care of your transfer from Preveza airport to the Yacht and we will make sure that we have enough provisions on board. All you have to do is to put your luggage in your private cabin and relax. Once you are fully settled in we will tell you all about the ship as part of our safety briefing. After this we set sail. There are many islands and ports to visit. We will usually let the wind decide where we will stop for lunch or where to spend the night. Within hours of touchdown at the airport you will be on board Viola, anchored in a sunny blue bay, taking a swim and having a drink. 

Your booking will always include breakfast and lunch along with all onboard non-alcoholic drinks like soft drinks, water, coffee and tea. 
At night when we are in a port you can enjoy the local cuisine at one of the many taverns. The prices are very fair and whether you prefer meat, seafood or vegetarian dishes the Greeks can do it all. If you prefer to have dinner onboard, our hostess is always willing to meet your wishes.
Together, we go through the options day by day. If you would like to water-ski (or learn it) we have all the equipment onboard to do so. We also have several snorkeling kits ready if you would like to swim to one of the beautiful islands, or if you wish, to inspect the bottom of Viola! If you like scuba diving please let us know in advance so we can arrange this activity for you. The water is crystal-clear so it’s nice to give it a go. When we are anchored in a port or bay there is a 24-hour tender service from and to the yacht.

Our cruising area  (hoist the anchor and let´s go!)


The variety of the Ionian Sea will surprise you. The area is named after the ancient Goddess Io or as later sources claim, the hero Ionios. It extends from the west coast of Greece to Corfu in the North and Zakynthos in the South. You will find a fantastic sailing area among the mountainous islands, turquoise bays and secure anchorages. You can chose lively places such as the Venetian harbour of Fiscardo on Kefalonia or the lonely bay of Ormos Polis. Here the mythical Ulysses once gathered his fleet. Pretend you are a time traveller and feel the ancient stories come to life. Wherever you go, the rhythm of life in the Ionian Sea is quiet and relaxed. Try to surrender to it to experience Greece at its best.
Cruising the islands
We don´t show you the way. We sail you there!


Our cruising grounds are between Corfu in the north down to Zakinthos in the south. We always start the island cruise from Nidri on Lefkas Island. We will make a sailing plan according to your personal wishes and the length of time you will be on board. 

Some of our favourite spots

Home base– Nidri


Nidri is the home of Viola. With easy access to Preveza Airport and Lefkas town by road, it makes it the ideal location to arrive to the boat. Nidri has many restaurants, bars and shops for the retail therapy. It’s a safe haven for the boat and great for a busier night out. It is also close to waterfalls and has a multitude of watersports activities.

Meganissi– Spartachori


A preferable first night stop for the boat as it’s only a short hour sail from Nidri to ease the travel of your day away. Spartachori is renowned for its crystal clear water for your first swim and a nice beach tavern to get your first taste of the greek cuisine. You can also walk up to the village to take in the breathtaking view at the top.

Kastos Island


Kastos is one of the most idyllic of Greek islands. And definitely one of the quitesest, having only 40 people living there through the winter. The journey to Kastos passes many bays for the lunch swim and Viola will find one near the main harbour for the perfect night of tranquility. The town boasts one of the more favourite tavernas for previous guests and is great in the morning for a flat water-ski and a visit to the caves is a must!

Kalamos– Port Leone


Port Leone is a quiet bay on the south end of Kalamos and used to be a small village... till an earthquake destroyed the water supply. This lead to the village being abandoned and is intriguing to walk around. The quiet bay is a spectacular swimming spot and great to get the boats BBQ going.

Ithaca– Frikes


The home island of Odysseus is also one of the most beautiful of the greek islands. The harbour of Frikes is full of history, from pirates to World War Two rebels, and is a quaint little village with a fantastic choice of local food. Viola moors off the breakwater for glass water swimming and if you feel like a night out, you can enjoy the bustling aussie bar.

Ithaca– Kioni


Picture perfect Kioni is one of the busier harbours of the area, but still a must visit. Husbands be warned, the jeweler shop is very enticing for the wife. A little more up-market to other harbours, Kioni offers brilliant cuisine and lovely bays that surround the harbour and you can also find a good night at the jazz bar!

Kefalonia– Fischardho


The mini Monaco of Greece, Fischardho harbor attracts the rich and famous, and, being the setting of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the harbor is incredibly popular in high season. For those that like a bit more bustle, you can enjoy cocktails in Theodoras and restaurants specializing in Thai, fish or meat. And if you fancy some stylish new clothes to go with your new tan, Fischardho has plenty of the trendier shops to help you out.

Foki Bay– Kefalonia


For those that would prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Fischardho but still visit, Foki is perfect. With huge caves to explore and a quieter atmosphere, Foki is still within 20 minute walk of Fischardho. The bay also has a quiet taverna which has the best of Kefalonian meat pie.

Atoko– Cliff Bay


The uninhabited island of Atoko has two of the most stunning bays of the islands. Cliff bay being a favourite of guests for the ‘must do’ beach barbecue under the stars. Nothing is on the island so we will stock up for a BBQ and enjoy the tranquility of the bay.

Vassiliki- Lefkas


One for the water sports enthusiasts, Vassiliki is a big bay and one of the top windsurf locations in Europe. Giving its high speed katabatic winds in a cross-shore direction and a nice nightlife in the evening, Vassiliki is very popular with those who want a bit of fun. The town is also a charming place with some lovely tavernas and plenty of cafés and bars to choose from.

Skorpios Island....


The world famous island is always a stop guests ask to visit. Owned by the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis and made even more famous by Jackie Onassis (Kennedy), the island is right next to Nidri, which will be our final destination. The beautiful island is now leased to a Russian family who have increased security on the island. However, a stop in Jackie Kennedy’s beach hut bay for a lunch stop is always popular!

click on this picture to read more about the Ionian island
click on this picture to read more about the Ionian island