the sailing kitchen

Can a small kitchen create wonderful things?
Judging by history we say the answer is yes. During at least four seasons, Lara served as the senior seasonal chef on Viola of London, and created a wonderful cook book.
This experience inspired her to create a blog and e-book The Sailing Kitchen to share her love of cooking, curiosity and delight in local produce and unique cultural experiences. 


Discover how to create delicious fluffy Orange pikelets with caramelised fruit and golden caramel sauce for breakfast, or learn to satisfy sweet cravings with delights like a plum lemon and Amaretto cake.


Fulfil your savoury cravings with Greek style eggs, a Dutch style bouncer or a decedent bacon butty, plus much more. All dishes contained the cookbook are bursting with flavour and designed for all foodies with a passion for eating and cooking.

Sample menu


For Breakfast:

  • Variety of Fresh Breads and Breakfast Pastries Choice of Cereals
  • Eggs cooked to order
  • Creamy Greek Yogurt or Fruit Yogurt Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Assorted Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • Greek Honey and Fruit Preserves Chilled Orange Juice
  • Freshly Ground Coffee and Tea

A Lunch Buffet includes:

  • Sliced Meat Platter, ham, salami and turkey Selection of cheeses
  • Home made Tzatziki
  • Dolmades
  • Greek village Salad
  • Chickpea Salad with Sweet Capsicum, Lemon and Cumin Various Pickles and Salad Dressings
  • Selection of Fresh Breads

Warm Lunch Dishes served include:

  • Chicken, mushroom and pea Risotto
  • Smoked Salmon and Prawns in a tomato, fresh herb and cream sauce with Tagliatelle
  • Spinach, mushroom and green onion Frittata
  • Stir fried Egg Noodles Singapore Style, with chicken, peppers and fresh ginger
  • Baked Fresh Fish with Lemon and Parsley served with oven baked rosemary and garlic potatoes

Menu for pre-arranged dinner on board:

  • Avocado and Smoked Trout dressed in lemon and dill mayonnaise with baby tomatoes.
  • Chicken Saganaki, sautéed chicken pieces in a tomato and feta cheese sauce with ouzo.
  • To finish.... Baked Bananas with Chocolate and Metaxa 

It all happened in the galley of the Viola

If you want to see where Lara came up with her ideas, you need to visit the galley of the Viola. It is not very big, but this is where the magic happens! Do you want your own copy? You can order it here.