skipper, crew and fellow sailors

Welcome to Viola!


As Viola's skipper it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard. You will also get to know my first mate and our lovely hostess when you arrive. 


If you let me know what you like, I will do my best to find the gold nuggets that will fit your family or group of friends. Whether it is water skiing, diving, snorkelling or reading books!


Looking forward to seeing you!


Best wishes,


Guestbook (read what our guests have to say)

Yvonne and families (August 2019)


We had a wonderful week at the Viola, Sailing the the Ionian islands and its scenic surroundings. The crew was fantastic. They brought us to beautiful places.... Nice beaches and anchor spots.


We started the day with a swim and as we came back breakfast was being served by Laura. She prepared us delicious lunches as well. They all took care of us very much.


When we went out for a swim Zed was always near us with the tender to protect us. Andy knew a lot about Greek history which we found very interesting. 


The Viola had a lot of space om deck and during  sailing we all found us a comfortable place. Thank you for such a memorable week!

The Jackson and Reader families (August 2019)


It was our first ever sailing holiday and Viola was the perfect choice. We had an awesome week and Andy, Zed and Morphy looked after our every need. We visited some amazing places and highlights have to be snorkelling in the coves, being dragged around in the doughnut and watching the dolphins swimming in our bow wave.


Thank you for such a memorable week!

The Prado family and friends (July 2019)


Overall we loved the spacious boat, crew was very professional, accommodating and fun and we really enjoyed our joint, chilling time together and would love to go again on the Viola!

The Murray family and friends (June 2019)


We had a memorable experience on the Viola, its a beautiful yacht. We visited magical places, the on board catering was terrific and the crew were excellent; there when we needed them; attentive to individual needs of different ages and level of sailing experience ….and great fun. We will be back!

Stefan Klestil & family and Antonia & family in July 2017 (Austria)


We had a fab time on the boat and miss it!!! You guys were a super crew and we really enjoyed it thoroughly!! To be repeated!! Have a great summer and let's stay in touch!

best, Antonia & family

Ivo with families enjoying a week in July 2017 (the Netherlands)


We had a great time on the Viola. It was one our best holidays. On the water the whole day, swimming in deserted bays, coming back on he boat, a perfect light lunch is served. Every evening another small fishing village with good and very affordable restaurants. Water skiing, snorkeling, relaxing, all was there. The boat very well equipped, 4 spacious cabins with their own bathrooms. A good crew. We will be back!

Vibeke (Norway)


Thank you so much for the most wonderful holiday ever! It was fantastic from the first day we met you in Nidri, until we said 'see you soon' 7 days later. We will be back, that is for sure. We have seen so many beautiful places, and had so much fun. The girls had a great time as well. You were so sweet with them all the three of you. They miss you! They really enjoyed the sailing, swimming, riding the doughnut, water-skiing, snorkelling and of course the scuba diving.Before we came we thought that we would take part in deciding where to go, but we realized very quickly that the best thing was to leave that to Rolf and Michiel! We could just lay down with a book and enjoy relaxing days. You took us to 7 different and beautiful islands, small beaches, caves, lovely tavernas and the scenery was breath taking. One day I think we only passed 5 other boats while sailing. As a matter of fact that day I think we saw more dolphins than other boats! Lesley, thank you for your lovely cooking. The girls got quickly used to 'afternoon ice-tea' and cookies :o). You made us feel so welcome. We can't wait for our next holiday on Viola. Thank you Michiel, Rolf and Lesley for making our holiday perfect. We had high expectations before we came, and you exceeded every single one of them. Lots of love, Patrick, Pernille, Ameliè and Oria Vibeke, Erik, Eline and Mille I have included three photos, one is one of you Michiel with fan club :o) Vibeke Nordlie 

Thanks, Vibeke Nordlie

Lobke Haring   I will be back...

I booked this holiday trough the internet with my boyfriend. For me it was the first time to go sailing. My boyfriend is an experienced sailor and it took him some effort to convince me that this would be a great adventure. Also I was worried about being on a boat with 6 other people who I didn’t know at all. This turned out really well. There was plenty of space to find your privacy and everybody was in such a positive mood that it could not go wrong. Michiel and Rolf are really great guys and very very relaxed. I haven’t felt unsafe ones although I never sailed before. To make a long story short....
I will be back!

Karen & friends  ( Don't doubt! )


Anyone doubting whether to meet Viola in the flesh... Don’t... Go for it and you will definitely not regret it! We booked our sailing trip as a group of 7 and I can honestly say we have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Some of us spent the week relaxing, reading, sunbathing and going for a swim now and again. While others actively joined in with Rolf and Michiel to learn the finer ropes of sailing a larger yacht. This combined with a bit of snorkelling, water skiing and island hopping made it a holiday to truly remember! We were spoiled by the crew with yummy food throughout the day and in the evenings we visited charming Greek villages to dine out. What we most enjoyed was the friendly atmosphere and the crew’s welcoming attitude; anything goes and Rolf and Michiel try their very best to accommodate every wish you may have, ranging from certain types of food or drinks to visiting particular islands or hardcore sailing and diving opposed to relaxed short trips from island to island. As a group we enjoyed the holiday so much that we have already booked another week for next year! Rolf and Michiel keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Bennie de Groot  ( Away from everyday business... )

For me sailing on a boot in the beautiful waters of Greece was a dream, until a friend of mine told me about the Viola. He told me that he was planning a trip for a few friends to cool down from the normal rush. At the last moment I decided to come along, because I own a restaurant it’s hard to find time off. And believe me it was the best decision of the whole year. We flew to Greece and when we arrived one of the captains "Rolf" was there to pick us up. He drove us to the boat and over there "Michiel" was waiting for us. It took them half an hour to organize and there we went. The following seven days they took us on a trip sailing the Ionic Sea with a magnificent boat and a very skilled crew. We saw beautiful islands, sailed over to blue water, showed us very special places and they took care for us for the whole trip. Every day they have taken care of the breakfast and lunch. Waited for us to take a morning swim and went sailing when we wanted. All day long we relaxed or were helping on the boat (if you liked). At the end of the day they took us to the most local restaurants with Greece Cuisine and after that you could go to bed, read a book or drink some ouzo on the boat. I tell you that after one week I was so relaxed that it took me almost a month to get my holiday out of my system. If possible I would go every year, just to get a week rest without a mobile, newspaper, business and every day problems. I would like to thank Rolf and Michiel for a magnificent week and I hope to see you and the Viola again.

Bennie de Groot
Owner restaurant Zout & Peper Leiden

Maike van der Bos (Best holiday ever)


I booked this holiday together with a good friend of mine. Since this was the first time for us to spend our holiday on a yacht we really didn’t now what to expect. At arrival on Preveza airport Rolf was already awaiting us at the gate. Together with 3 other couples we went straight to the boat. Everything was prepared for departure so it took us only 10 minutes to settle in. After some personal shopping in the town of Nidri we set sail to Skorpios. Skorpios is a small island owned by Onnassis. Within an hour we dropped anchor and we took a very welcome refreshing swim in the bay. Amazing how your scenery can change when you realise that a few hours earlier I was still in Holland. After a nice afternoon sleep to rest from the travel we sailed again to a nearby island. They moored the boat in beautiful small port where the water was so clear and clean you could swim anytime. From the beach you could walk up the mountain to a small village. That evening we had diner on the beach at a small tavern. Try the fresh fish! It’s amazing and cheap. When I later that night fell a sleep ( nice white wine ha ha) I couldn’t grasp the fact that the same morning I was still in Holland and my holiday only just started. The rest of the week we have been to amazingly beautiful places, lively and quiet towns, had a bbq on the beach and did a lot of real sailing. We made several new friend with the other quest and it was almost sad to realise the last day that we had to go back home. I never experienced the feeling of being totally away from my daily routine as in that wonderful week.